Medicare Policy

BY AN ACT OF CONGRESS, CHIROPRACTIC CARE IS INCLUDED IN THE MEDICARE COVERAGE PROVIDED FOR OUR SENIOR AMERICANS. However coverage is somewhat limited. We do not accept assignment. This means that Medicare will send their check directly to the patient in payment of the services they will cover in our office. This also means the patient is solely responsible for payment of services received. The patient shall be expected to take care of payment as treated, or at least on a weekly basis. We do not guarantee that medicare will pay for all the services that we feel may necessary in your case. Our office will file your claims to Medicare on a monthly basis.

The staff will do their best to explain what you might expect from Medicare as we understand it.  You should know, however, that Medicare rules and regulations are in a constant state of change and we have found it very difficult remain up to date on the latest Medicare changes.  Therefore we ask that the patient review their policy and any information they recieve from Medicare as well.   We ask that any discrepancys you find in our policies and what you understand as the policies of Medicare be brought to our attention by contacting us.

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