Our doctors are specially trained to help prevent and correct conditions and illnesses related to the spine and nervous system.
   You may need care for a specific injury or illness, or you may want a general check-up.
Our office is equipped to provide examination and treatment for most common spinal, neurological and other disorders. Our doctors are trained to recognize symptoms outside of the spinal area or that are beyond the scope of treatment within Chiropractic. In such cases they will refer you to someone qualified in that particular field.

Some of Our Services

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy/Adjustment Therapeutic Massage/Accutherapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound Diagnostic X-ray
Electrical Muscle Stimulation Myopercussion
Nutritional Counseling Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation






Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy/Adjustment

     Adjustment: A Chiropractic adjustment usually involves manipulation of  a misaligned or 'fixated' vertebra to restore either the misalignment or regain normal motion of the involved segment.  The manipulation may be done either by hand or with small light weight instrument known as an Activator.  Most adjustments are relatively pain free.

Our doctors are trained in a wide variety of adjustive techniques from low force techniques (e.g., activator) to manual techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, Biophysics and Toggle Recoil.  This allows them to treat a wider varity of patients and to better meet their health care needs and goals.












Therapeutic Massage/Accutherapy

Massage type therapies involve manual (by hand) muscle pressure of varying degrees which relieve spasms (cramps) and trigger points.  Frequently the chronic type muscle ailments are referred to as a myofascial pain syndrome. 

For a more in depth overview on the benefits of massage therapy please review the article by Elliot Greene reprinted here by permission of the author.













Therapeutic Ultrasound


Ultrasound as done in our office is used to relieve swelling, mildly heat soft tissue and reduce muscle spasm.












Diagnostic X-ray

"To see is to know, not to see is not to know."  This is definitely the truth with xrays and other diagnostic studies.  X-rays are a significant diagnostic tool for chiropractors.

As "Blueprints" of your spine, x-rays can reveal joints that are misaligned or that have narrowed from worn discs.  X-rays also help rule out fractures and diseases in your spine.  Other tests may be done, if necessary.












Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electro-therapies involve the use of instruments which release a small electric current through muscles and soft tissue which are inflamed and in pain.  This serves to reduce inflamation and pain in the involved tissues.  The various types of electrotherapies are:  Interferential Current, Low Volt Galvanic, Medium Frequency Stimulation, TENS units.













Nutritional Counseling

In our nutritional management of your case we may recommend vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutritional supplements. The purpose of these natural recommendation is limited to:









This therapy involves the use of a mechanical instrument which induces a percussive action in soft tissue.  This will relieve many types of muscle spasms and muscle tension conditions which may occur as a direct result of vertebral subluxation complex.











Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation

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